Three things into consideration to build IT infrastructure : secure (security data), cost efficiency and scalability. Generally, the company is very concerned with company’s data security, customer data, transaction data, financial data and other important data, so the secure and reliable IT infrastructure is a mandatory.

Companies also need efficiency and optimization of the IT infrastructure, so that it can provide a significant cost reduction. And the company also requires infrastructure which have high scalability, can be started from a small capacity and gradually grow into larger.

Private cloud and Hybrid Cloud is solution that can solving three problem of the IT infrastructure above. PCMan ready to help customer to implementing Private Cloud or Hybrid Cloud.

To implementing Private or Hybrid cloud, your IT infrastructure must ready for it. Virtualization solution is a foundation to build a private cloud.

We have an experience for years to implementing virtualization using Vmware or Hyper-V. Both of Virtualization platform is leader of virtualization vendor in the worlwide.


MS Hyper V