Data Center & Virtualization

Virtualization is a solution to reduce physical server investment, reduce maintenance cost, increase server & Application availability, and also increase IT Productivity. To build a virtualization infrastructure, PCMan collaboration with Vmware and Microsoft with their Hyper-V as leader of virtualization vendor in the world.


Productivity is the backbone of IT & Application Infrastructure. So you have to build a data center with the reliable & trusted hardware. Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HP before) is the number 1 brand of IT hardware that can provide it. In 2015 HPE aquire Aruba Network as the leader of networking provider. It made HPE more powerfull in the data center solutions.

Backup & DRC

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Center is the important thing to ensure Data and Applications server is always available. PCMan with, Microsoft Azure, Veeam, Veritas, and HPE provide Backup & Disaster Recovery Services to help you to achieve it.

Mobility & Client Management

In the modern era, user culture is changed. Now, many companies implement BYOD policies, and they want user can working anywhere, and can access their data & Application everywhere with any devices without depend on their laptop, PC, or Tablet. Office 365 & EMS can help you to achive it. You can access your data anywhere with high level security. Microsoft Azure is IaaS and PaaS cloud provider can help your application, databases, and your server always available.


PCMan as IT Solution company help you to design, implement, maintain and trnasfer knowledge about best practice and explore your IT environtment.