Mobile Device Management

Commonly abbreviated as MDM is a type of software intended for security and used by IT departments. Its purpose is to monitor, manage, and secure various employee devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on).

Mobile Device Management Is The Best Solution For Companies

If you are looking to meet integration needs and monitor all the devices owned by employees, maybe you can use mobile device management that is intended for a large or enterprise scale. It provides great benefits and impacts in its development.

MDM itself has a very important role in the IT department because it has a significant impact, especially the security factor. PCMan provides the best solution by providing mobile device management (MDM) for a company or organizational needs. For complete information, see the following explanation.

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What is Mobile Device Management?

Commonly abbreviated as MDM is a type of software intended for security and used by IT departments. Its purpose is to monitor, manage, and secure various employee devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, and so on).

This process is needed by the company to ensure security in the use of services and operating systems in an organization. By applying this Mobile Device Management, all work can be done more easily and solve needs simply and avoid various complex things.

In this stage, the company can monitor and manage all matters relating to communication and network services. Of course, by prioritizing security based on important data and information that cannot be accessed by irresponsible individuals and people.


Why Use Mobile Device Management?

Some questions like this may seem cliché, even though the use of MDM itself makes everything easy and simple. Especially for companies that provide special inventory to employees in the form of laptops, smartphones, tablets, and so on. It can be arranged and adjusted to work needs.

By using MDM, the managing and monitoring needs can be carried out simultaneously. Make the given device suitable for its purpose and use. It provides various advantages especially if there is a loss device, resigned employees, and other security factors.

Make MDM able to provide security for various databases and important information for this. So that it still can be used and does not interfere with existing activities, but security continues to run to protect it. It is why MDM provides certain limitations for security and protection.

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Benefits of Mobile Management Device Application

If you already understand some of the reasons for the importance of using MDM itself, here we will provide some of the benefits that can be obtained. For a complete explanation, see the following reviews:

Setting Policies

In using company facilities, employees are, of course, given certain limitations. Especially for some devices that are often carried by mobile, there must be special monitoring. It is, of course, to minimize the need for work and other actions so that companies must have special policies. To simplify and support these various policies, companies can use Mobile Device Management (MDM) which can automatically provide restrictions on several predetermined matters. Usually, all these restricted actions are to safeguard and protect company assets.

Security Factors

The most important thing about using Mobile Device Management is to maintain and prioritize security. So that whenever problems occur then devices that are held by employees are lost and stolen by unscrupulous individuals, of course, all existing data can still be secured by online deletion. This factor is also very helpful if the device is damaged and cannot be operated as usual. With the application of MDM, it keeps all existing data safe and protected. How interesting isn't it? If you haven't maximized it, you might try to apply the MDM.

Application Management

The existence of this MDM allows companies to provide various applications according to their needs or not. The process doesn't require installation as usual, but there is a separate mechanism. That way, making the device needs used according to the needs and usability of the company. It is to minimize the device used for various things outside the company needs and must be considered thoroughly. That way, the device used is still under the company's vision and mission. It makes MDM becomes an important thing to meet company needs.

Inventory Needs

With centralized and online data collection make use of several devices that can be monitored in real-time. It, of course, allows everything to be monitored, observed, and so on. That way various applications and other usages can be monitored lively. Another interesting thing is that companies through their IT department can see and find out the position of existing devices. That way, it keeps the device safe and trackable, so that the security of the device is better protected. This activity is very interesting to do and apply to companies on both small and large scales. Observing the various benefits provided makes Mobile Device Management (MDM) an important requirement that must be applied thoroughly. It can be an interesting consideration to use. PCMan provides solutions to these problems with its product offerings. Of course, to provide protection and security regarding data and information directly related to the company.

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