End Point Security

Endpoint security is an action that provides security and protection to end-user devices. In this case in the use of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices could be the target of hackers. By implementing endpoint security, of course, you can avoid and prevent these actions.

The Importance of Endpoint Security for The Company

While increasing cybercrime, endpoint security is increasingly needed by various organizations and companies. Due to the sophistication of technology and the application of digitalization in all lines of life, companies must think about and have more protection.

One of them is by implementing endpoint security which can provide double protection and avoid these digital crimes. In this case, PCMan provides the desired needs by offering the right endpoint security. How is it? do you curious about this product? Check out the full explanation below!

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Recognizing Endpoint Security

Endpoint security is an action that provides security and protection to end-user devices. In this case in the use of desktops, laptops, and mobile devices could be the target of hackers. By implementing endpoint security, of course, you can avoid and prevent these actions.

Implementing an endpoint security system makes everything can be protected, both from the network used and the clouds that are owned. The existence of this security makes more protection against crime or cybercrime. Of course, with the application of technology that continues to develop and adapt.

It of course no longer focuses on just traditional antivirus but continues to provide comprehensive protection to avoid malware and zero-days which are sophisticated and continue to grow. Of course, the existence of endpoint security makes companies more secure in protecting their business assets.


The Difference of Network Security and Endpoint

You may be wondering about the difference between endpoint and network security. Based on the difference, endpoint security has a focus on reducing the risk caused by devices connected to the corporate network, both documentation and sensitive information sent and stored.

As for network security, it covers a wider range, with the focus no longer only on devices but entering the server area or network that is used personally. In terms of the endpoints, the focus is smaller and the network has a wider scope with different needs.

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The Reason for Using Endpoint Security

Vulnurable to Experiencing Crime

Endpoints can be said to be the main doorway to be attacked by hackers because they have low-security quality. That way, the use of endpoint security is a mandatory requirement that must be owned and carried out. So that you can anticipate and avoid all bad possibilities. Implementing endpoint security makes all unauthorized and blocked accesses easier to detect, of course, by blocking and optimizing the existing protection. Thus, all important data and information about the company can be kept safe and secure.

Technology and Information Adavancement

This condition indirectly continues to undergo various changes, even very quickly. This dynamic activity has made various advances in the technology and information field. But many people misuse it and commit various criminal acts in the form of data theft and so on. The presence of PCMan provides more protection so that cases of theft and data loss can be anticipated and overcome. It allows everyone to be always up to date and follow developments. So that companies will regularly get protection behind the current dynamic developments.

The Advantages of Implementing Endpoint Security

When you choose endpoint protection your company will get a variety of advantages which of course provide many benefits. Here are some of the benefits:

Layered Protection

By using endpoint security, of course, you will get multiple layers of protection and not only on the surface. But everything has been arranged and adapted to the needs of the whole. So that the company database will remain safe and avoid cybercrime. Interestingly, all these security requirements and processes do not affect existing performance. Of course, security continues to run well and does not affect existing systems.

Latest and Up To Date

The great thing about using PCMan is that the protection it provides for endpoints is based on flexibility. So that the desired security still follows the various trends that exist, thus keeping everything safe and adjusted to existing needs. The focus is no longer on anti-virus and so on because hackers are always developing and innovating to break into company databases. But when you use the security base of PCMan, you will get sophisticated technology and are supported by professional teams in their fields.

Easy to Apply

The particular protection sometimes makes various actions feel troublesome, especially for a company scale with many employees. Because the security system implemented is not easy to apply. It sometimes makes some companies have to have excessive effort. But that is no longer a problem because PCMan provides everything easily and dynamically. Especially with security that can be monitored directly and provide data in real-time, making the application fast. Although for some people who are new to it.

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Cyberark is a company that provides security services for important and sensitive information for various businesses. Usually used for businesses engaged in financial services, retail, health, and government. Especially for the current era, multiple layers of protection and security are needed.


Eset is a form of antivirus service that is intended to meet various needs of companies, especially in data and information security. Eset antivirus is one of the tested software that can provide well protection, especially in dealing with some dangerous malware.


An anti-virus service that is intended to provide comprehensive protection against activities related to digitization. Everything can be completely guarded against phishing, spam, and network security. Using Kaspersky can minimize various actions that can be detrimental.


The next cyberattack will be something no one has imagined. Our worldwide team of data scientists, analysts, and ethical hackers create adaptive, predictive, and synchronized solutions that block yet-unseen threats. We call this, “Cybersecurity evolved.”

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