Disaster Recovery Services

In disaster-prone areas like Indonesia, business is often challenged with unexpected situations, such as Natural disasters, terrorists, social risks such as riots. For companies that need high data security, they will need reliable and trustworthy IT infrastructure and data recovery system to anticipate the unexpected. DRS helps our customers manage their non-core functions under outsourcing scheme.

PCMan DRC Services supports the operational viability of a company’s IT system with a range of services, including provision and operation of data center backup infrastructure, communication networks, and implementation of testing/periodic simulation. With PCMan DRC Services solutions, we help you address some of the IT issues as well as cost concern for additional maintenance effort, and enabling you to focus on the core business.

PCMan DRC Services included with :

– Infrastucture :

 Server Room

 Hardware

 software

 Virtualization solutions

 Backup and replication solutions

 Leased Line

– Services

 Implementation Services

 Maintenance contract with best SLA