Moodle Workplace is a cloud-based application that allows companies to use it as a learning medium, especially in trainers.

Moodle Workplace
The Best Choice for Online Training

Learning Management System provides various benefits for companies because it can form and manage E-Learning easier. Moreover, for the sundry focuses given, Learning Management has a significant impact on company needs regarding employee productivity.

In this stage, PCMan presents various answers intended to meet all the desired needs. Of course, by offering a cloud-based application or commonly known as Moodle Workplace. It provides a great alternative to the trainer needs for a company to its employees.

The Definition of Moodle Workplace

Moodle Workplace is a cloud-based application that allows companies to use it as a learning medium, especially in trainers. Interestingly, the company can carry out various continuous training to improve employee competence.

It is necessary, especially when entering an all-digital era, companies must be ready by equipping their employees to be able and ready for change. The use of the Moodle Workplace has a significant impact to meet the needs expected by the company.

Moreover, the various facilities that are obtained are very helpful and have the right role in managing and accessing them. Because PCMan provides clouds that are easy to access and can be used on various devices. This will make training easier and more comfortable to do.

Moodle Workplace Features

There are several features that companies can take advantage of when using Moodle Workplace. Of course, some of the features provided are very helpful in the online training process or E-Learning. That way, making the learning process still under the desired targets and needs. Here are the following features of Moodle Workplace:


All the schedules can be done very easily and adjusted based on the needs desired by the company. At this stage, enrollment can be adjusted according to organizational needs or manually. This certainly provides an easier and faster process. Clear scheduling allows training activities to be adjusted and determined thoroughly so that activities can be planned and following expectations. These factors make Moodle Workplace provide the right alternative in facing the fast-changing times by providing online training.

Organization Structure

The desired Moodle Workplace can be determined according to the expected needs, of course, everything follows the pattern of the respective company. That way makes the concept offered is not rigid and follows existing developments. Of course, this is the right concern for the organization's needs. This is important to consider and see clearly because the structure in the organization is different and must be adjusted according to needs. If everything is flattened and unsuitable, various activities will not achieve the desired expectations. This is the importance of observing the organizational structure under the conditions and needs.


When using Moodle Workplace, everything integrated online, so your needs don't have to be undertaken face to face. Both registration and exam can be maximized online. It certainly has a big impact, especially in observing the evaluation process for employees. This process becomes material for evaluation and consideration in observing employee performance because all data can be read clearly and thoroughly. The existence of online activities like this makes the competencies and abilities expected from employees can be noticed so that the expectations desired by the company can be achieved.


Online training has substantial benefits, as everything can be done quickly and easily. Especially, to meet the competencies expected by the company for its employees. Not only that, the monitoring and assessment process can be observed quickly. The existence of these activities allows the results to be directly analyzed and evaluated based on the expected needs. That way the desired competence can be immediately seen and noticed, because the results of the report are obtained immediately. It makes online training attractive for use within the company.

Up To 1000 Users

PCMan provides a Moodle Workplace that can be used and utilized by many employees. So this is suitable for companies on a large scale because it can provide the same space as the expected standard. That way keeps the process in line with your hopes and desires. Of course, it has been supported by the infrastructure and a professional team, so that it can be used to meet the needs on a large scale.

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