Integra Office E-Learning

Integra Office E-Learning Provides The Convenience on Using LMS

Integra Office E-Learning Provides The Convenience on Using LMS

It seems that technology development is inevitable, since almost all sectors and activities are digitally integrated. This of course provides various changes and affects several sectors in life. One of them is several companies that have prepared to optimize digitization.

Considering the various changes to the digital aim, PCMan grants an alternative by providing an offer for the use of Learning Management System (LMS). Of course, by providing a special application to be able to manage and organize various activities, especially in E-Learning training for the needs of its employees.

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Reviewing Integra Office E-Learning

Integra Office E-Learning is part of an LMS that offers customization to meet all the needs that companies want. This use is to be able to integrate several applications in the same system. It is intended to meet all the needs that are simpler and easier to use.

In this stage, Integra Office Elearning provides integration with several applications from third parties in the form of HRIS, Active Directory, Office 365, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and so on. The integration of these applications makes training easy and hassle-free.

The existence of kind activities like this certainly grants various benefits that can be utilized and used by trainers and employees in participating the existing training. Interestingly, everything is integrated with faster and esier process. That way, Elearning training can achieve the expected goals.

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Observing Integra Office E-Learning Features


The need for scheduling in the implementation of online training can be formed and adjusted quickly. This of course allows the arrangement to be done by looking at existing developments. Because online training can keep up with developments without interrupting other activities. With this, the LMS from PCMan provides scheduling that can be done in 3 ways that can be arranged and adjusted. Whether it's using Manual, Automatic, or Self Enrollment.

Interactive Video Learning & Steaming

The trainers will be more helpful in providing online training, because it is supported by interactive videos. For online needs, of course this becomes more interesting and less boring. Even though it is done online, it can still interact quickly and easily, so that the material provided can be conveyed. That way, making the training provided can give benefits and build competencies that are ready to face the change.

Advance Report & Analytic

All the report results can be checked by trainers and employees, so that the training and tests carried out are purely the result of the abilities of each employee. This activity gives maximum results with all reports, interestingly this need can be observed in more detail. Because there is an executive view program.

Discussion Forum

The attractive thing about using the LMS provided is that trainers and employees can enjoy features that allow for in-person and online discussions. This activity makes it easy to achieve the goals expected by the company for online training optimization.

Online Live Learning

Online training can be undertaken in real time, because some of the available applications have been integrated with several other applications. With this, trainers and employees can carry out various activities related to training and take advantage of the zoom and Teams applications.

Customize Logo dan Theme

Companies that use the PCMan LMS are able to manage and customize some changes to existing applications. Especially on the need for a company logo and theme in accordance with the requirements and needs desired by the organization. Of course, this provides its own identity in the face of change.

Single Sign On

Some third-party applications no longer need to create individual accounts and passwords. Since everything is integrated and can be used using only a single sign on. The existence of features like this can help and provide convenience for both trainers and employees.

Integration with HRIS, Teams, Zoom, and Payment Gateway

All data created by employees is integrated with HRIS, so that the evaluation process can be carried out easily by the HR team within the company. That way you can find and get the results faster. Compared by doing face-to-face training which is completely manual and more expensive.

Mobile Apps Ready

Trainers and employees are assisted by a special smartphone application, so they can view and monitor the training effectively and efficiently. The application can be downloaded on the Play Store and Apps Store platforms.

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