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Engage with your learners in a memorable way by transforming the Moodle App into your app with your own branding. Learners can easily identify your brand when searching for it on the stores and in their mobile devices.

Branded Moodle Application Makes Learning Management System Much More Attractive

Online learning systems have been widely used and implemented by several companies, for they provide several appropriate benefits for organizational progress. Certainly, it becomes a separate calculation for the company because the demand for digitalization continues to rise rapidly, and also companies must be ready to follow these developments.

Learning Management System is currently the best choice because it provides several facilities that support online training. PCMan is here to meet all these expected needs. Moreover, with various application offers that are ready to assist the online training process.

Branded Moodle Apps

The applications are available on the Apps Store and Play Store, it is made for meeting the training needs of trainers and employees. Interestingly, using this application companies can adjust their logo and brand needs according to the company name. Of course, create good brand awareness for the company.

The use of this particular smartphone application makes it easy for trainers and employees to access some training materials. That way, making the learning process can be undertaken anytime and anywhere as you wish. So that employees can more easily understand it.

With these activities, training can produce competent and capable employees in facing various changing times. Especially in dealing with the current digital trend development. So that the provided training by the company can be conveyed clearly and completely.

Branded Moodle AppsBranded Moodle Apps

Recognizing Branded Moodle Application Features

PCMan presents several features to support various needs and expected activities. Here are some features that can be used and utilized more widely:

Offline Learning

By using the Branded Moodle application, employees can maximize their potential by utilizing offline learning. Because some training materials can be saved and downloaded, so they can be learned offline. That way makes the process faster and easier. When you are in some areas where have less stable network connections, you can learn a variety of information. Of course, it becomes a new insight and knowledge that supports the performance of employees in observing the various changes that exist and are ready to face them.

Push Notification

This smartphone-specific Branded Moodle application can provide various conveniences, one of them is to provide push notifications. With this push notification feature, all information and notifications can be conveyed to all users who use the LSM. That way, employees will be more aware of various information, whether it is policies, notifications, and so on provided by trainers or HRDs. Of course, this is the right alternative to observing changes more quickly. This feature is very helpful and has a good impact.

Brand Personalization

Using the Branded Moodle application makes everything cab be arranged and customized according to company needs. Since everything can be changed based on the needs desired by the company. So that the identity in the application has adjusted to the logo and brand of the company.

The Excellence of Branded Moodle

Effective and Efficient

The existence of a particular application for smartphones providing some of the latest information can be found more quickly. Especially with several features that support these needs, so that employees can understand some of the policies and rules are given by the trainer or HRD. Not only that, some materials can be used offline, making it a more attractive form of learning. That way, employees can learn it anywhere and anytime.

Simple and Cheap

The use of smartphones is now owned by almost everyone because it is an important device to support various activities. The existence of a particular branded moodle application for a smartphone can provide an easier alternative in loading online training in a simpler and faster way. Of course, this kind of activity can reduce the expenses or costs that must be spent in conducting training and so on. But now it is no longer a consideration because the needs and requirements you want are fully available only through the smartphone application.

Creating The New Enviroment

Even though all activities are carried out online, it does not limit many people to interact socially. Because in this online training, many people discuss some of the material delivered by the trainer. That way can form a new environment between employees.

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