Integra Office E-Learning

In the 5.0 era, everything will be undertaken digitally, so that various fields must be ready to face it.

Integra Office E-learning Application,
A Proper Need for Long-Range Learning

In the 5.0 era, everything will be undertaken digitally, so that various fields must be ready to face it. Moreover, the Covid 19 pandemic makes online activities become a must. So do in the field of education that must be demanded and lead to distance learning.

To meet these needs, PCMan provides the best solution for distance learning. One of them is introducing Integra Office Elearning that provides learning applications for campuses with a broader model. Of course, this application is the best alternative to face the changing times.

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Recognizing Integra Office Elearning

A Learning Management System (LMS) application that can be customized to suit the campus needs. The use of these applications can provide integration of several applications from third parties, thus making the needs of distance learning can be done effectively and efficiently.

Some of these applications are in the form of Student Information System, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Office 360, and other various applications. Interestingly, using Integra Office Elearning provides large capacity and high availability. That way, it is suitable for campuses that have a large number of students.

The use of Integra Office Elearning provides various attractive benefits for the campus. The use of these applications allows everything to run properly, accommodate all existing needs, especially in the field of distance education or online.

Observing Integra Office Elearning Features


The use of the Integra Office Elearning application allows for online registration. Of course, in this case, the campus can provide an easier and faster alternative for its students. PCMan provides three alternative enrollments, those are Manual Enrollment, Automatic Enrollment, and Self Enrollment.

Interactive Video Learning & Steaming

The interesting thing about using the Integra Office Elearning application from PCMan is that there is a more interactive video learning feature to fulfill student learning. With these features, everything can be done more fun and less tedious, so that the teaching and learning process is better.

Providing Report dan Analytic

When using this application, teachers and students get a more detailed or complete report. Because everything can be done thoroughly, all existing reports can become the executive view. The existence of a feature like this makes everything can be seen quickly and in real-time.

Online Live Learning

All teaching and learning activities can be held live online by using applications from third parties in the form of Teams or Zoom. The existence of this kind of integration makes the learning process simpler to do. That way distance learning can provide the same benefits as face-to-face learning.

Forum Discussion

Online learning may hamper some things, but using the Integra Office Elearning application makes the distance learning process more effective. Because there is a discussion forum service that allows students and teachers to interact online.

Customize Logo dan Theme

What's more interesting about the usage of applications offered by PCMan is that all existing applications can be customized, especially the logos and themes. In this case, the campus can put a campus logo and a customized theme. The existence of this activity makes it pride for campuses that use Integra Office Elearning.

Single Sign On

Previously, it was explained that this application was connected to several other media so that the login process is not complicated. It makes students don't need to create multiple accounts because it will be difficult to remember them. The existence of this application makes all processes can be done with just one email account.

Integration with Third-Parties

All the students' data can be synchronized to the several applications required by the campus, which makes the evaluation process easier to do. So that students can monitor directly and also the teacher can accommodate everything much easier and faster.

Mobile Apps Ready

Everyone already owns smartphones, especially students and teachers. That way, the Integra Office Elearning application provides a particular application for smartphones that can be downloaded through the Apps Store and Play Store according to the campus brand and logo that uses it.

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