Integra Device Management

Integra Device Management delivers Enterprise features that can be used to secure all kinds of devices, all types of applications and all kinds of file types. It provides solutions to companies to control and supervise the user devices, applications and confidential files in one convenient console.

Integra Device Management is not just a “Managed Device” in general. It is a device manage solution with Enterprise Mobility features, which has the benefits :

–    Cloud Identity feature for Access Management.
–    Integrated with On-Premises Active Directory.
–    Mobile Device Management for Device Security.
–    Application Management for Data Security.
–    Encrypt Protection for your File Data.
–    Convert from Capex to Opex.


Access Management & Integrated Identity

Employees are more productive when they have a single username and password to remember and a consistent experience from every device. They also save time when they can perform self-service tasks like resetting a forgotten password, or requesting access to an application, without waiting for assistance from the helpdesk.

Identity and access management solutions help IT protect access to applications and resources across the corporate datacenter and into the cloud, enabling additional levels of validation such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies. Monitoring suspicious activity through advanced security reporting,
auditing and alerting helps mitigate potential security issues.

Managed Coporated-Owned Device and Apps from the Cloud

With the increasing volume and diversity of both ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and corporate-owned devices being used in organizations today, a growing challenge for IT departments is keeping corporate information secure. Mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions help minimize this complexity by offering management capabilities both on-premises and in the cloud, all from a single console.

With the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, employees can, and do, work from just about anywhere. To stay productive, this mobile workforce demands consistent access to corporate resources and data from any location on any device. Mobile Devices trend has introduced significant challenges for IT administrators who want to enable enterprise mobility while ensuring that corporate resources are protected from unauthorized access.

Help Protect Corporate Data and Enable More Secure Collaboration

Protect corporate data with information security management to allow more secure access to company resources and enable safe sharing of sensitive information inside and outside your organization.

With the proliferation in the number and use of consumer devices, the way corporate resources are
accessed is changing. Users want consistent access to corporate resources from their devices in order to be productive.

The need for more secure collaboration with colleagues inside and outside of organizations is also increasing. This trend brings numerous security challenges for IT administrators who want to enable enterprise mobility and encourage data sharing while ensuring that corporate data is safe.

With Microsoft’s information protection solution, you can deploy and configure access to corporate resources across your on-premises environment and cloud applications while protecting corporate information.