Based on the meaning, this hyper-converged service is an amalgamation of one component into one appliance on the blade server. Some of the components intended include management, compute, network, and storage with various needs desired by companies, including security/firewalls.

Hyper-Converged Service as Renewable Solution for Clouds Development

The Clouds technology usage has long been used by the public and companies, for a variety of different purposes. Cloud technology itself continues to experience various advances and presents a variety of innovations. One of them is the presence of hyper-converged clouds service that can simplify and update various technologies.

With these various advances and developments, Clouds technology continues to grow rapidly and make PCMan, a service provider to serve a variety of the latest technologies. Of course, by providing hyper-converged services that are attractive to be applied to several companies.

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The Definition of Hyperconverged

Based on the meaning, this hyper-converged service is an amalgamation of one component into one appliance on the blade server. Some of the components intended include management, compute, network, and storage with various needs desired by companies, including security/firewalls.

This technology is one of the breakthroughs in the world of Clouds because it can provide the proper fusion and integration especially in the server, network, and storage into the existing software. It allows previous conventional performance to be packaged and used more easily.

Some of the advantages of using hyper-converged service technology are that everything can be done and set up instantly and with the same. Besides, various existing functions can be simplified more easily and quickly. Especially in the needs of data center management and visual engine.

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The Advantages for Using Hyper-converged Services

Cheaper Costs

When you want to use services for IT needs, of course, you have already calculated some of the costs for their development. Of course, this has been a calculation since the beginning of managing and building IT infrastructure services. But at this stage, of course, you must be able to consider and calculate cheaper costs. However, the interesting thing about using hyper-converged services is that your company can allocate funds more efficiently and cheaply. Because the use of hyper-converged is almost the same as public cloud services, so the usage process no longer requires high costs, especially in infrastructure development. It is an advantage that can be used by the company because with these considerations it makes cheap calculations. That way, make sure you can enjoy it right away.

Dynamic and Flexible

These current necessities require a technology that can adapt to various rapid changes. Hyper-converged services provide the answer because they can make things easier and faster to do. That way all possibilities can be done effectively and efficiently. It does not only take focus on the usage level but also for some activities, data center expansion, and capacity development can be done more quickly and easily, compared to use other services. Of course, this activity provides various interesting benefits to be obtained.

Data Protection

For those who want software that is efficient and safe, it feels like you can choose hyper-converged services. Because it provides various technological advances, especially in terms of recovery and data loss can be recovered quickly and easily. Even this technology allows public clouds as part of the data backup for some existing data. That way makes this service provides high protection and security to meet company needs. For that, make sure you can try and use it.

Virtual Performance

Some conventional technologies can provide various performance manually or use the operator to set and manage them. However, it differs from the technology of hyper-converged services, because everything is arranged and used with a visual process that can be done automatically. It becomes more interesting and easier in the usage and scheduling process because everything is systematic, so everything can be managed automatically. Some of these benefits allow the company to use light clouds and do not require a large area.

Technologist Integration

The use of hyper-converged services provides the proper technology integration because it can provide everything as a whole. Whether it's for storage, network, and centralized computing needs by using attractive visuals to use on a large scale. Making hyper-converged technology the right choice, especially for companies that have various needs. Not surprisingly, the development of clouds for both hyper-converged can be the best solution for various uses to meet corporate needs.

Hyper-Converged Types

In the following, we will provide several variants used in hyper-converged technology, those are:

Hyper-Converged 360

This type has a focus on virtualization usage, cloud computing, and virtualized desktop infrastructure (VDI). This type provides the right offer for small-scale and branched enterprise use. Usually, it can be applied to the needs of MSMEs and has many branch offices scattered. Because hyper-converged technology usage makes various company needs can be met and carried out as a whole

Hyper-Converged 250

It has the fulfillment of needs on a scale that focuses on virtual servers and easier desktops but has good performance optimization, agile, and can, of course, be used and applied to a variety of uses. This type is used for companies in the middle level.

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