About Us

Our History

Founded in the Year 2000, at the early turn of the century, PT. Pasifik Cipta Mandiri also known as PCMan. The Solutions are based on Industry standard hardware and software with proven best practice implementation, which will resulted in effective yet efficient solutions for the customers.


With the vision of the digitally connected world, we realize the importance of IT Services which will serve as one of the vital role for all sort of business in the 21st century and beyond.


PCMan® with the distinctive mission, To be the service oriented, leading IT Solution Provider for the region.

Core Value


It is our goal to achieve sustained Professionalism in all key aspects. Professional Delivery of Services and Products, by Professional Attitude and Conduct. We believe in the value of integrity, honesty, and continuous self development as the basis of Professionalism.

Customer Satisfaction

As a service oriented IT Solution Provider,we have put Customer Satisfaction as the key factor to our Company survival and growth. Through meeting customer demands, added value Services and Products, accountability, clear process of engagement, competitive pricing and after sales customer care.

Management Excellence

The People, the System and the Execution Process, all move along in synergy to achieve Management Excellence that will propel the company towards the mission. Besides of pursuing Industry Standard Management, from time to time we refine our management process to really put our own Services and Products to work within our Company. This will serve both as gaining continuous proven field experience of our Services and Products, as well as a testament to our customers that our Solution really works. We also provide our people with the opportunities to sustained learning and growing to meet the high dynamics of the IT Industry.

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