Microsoft Azure is an Integrated Cloud Computing that provide IaaS ( Infrastructure as a Service ) and PaaS ( Platform as a Service ) from Microsoft. It supports many different programming languages, tools and frameworks, including both Microsoft-specific and third-party software and systems. Microsoft Azure provide scalability, flexibility, and security for your Application server, Databases, and other workload.



PCMan as Microsoft Partner gives you best solutions and best practice of the implementation services for Azure Infrastucture as a Service with the Microsoft Certified Engineer.

Integra Databox


Integra Databox is a Cloud based Data Backup Solutions with 99,99% Availability and without wasted investment, powered by Microsoft Azure. With this service, your company will be able to avoid data loss and increase the IT productivity.

Azure Services



PCMan provide comprehensive, customizable professional services for Microsoft Azure, covering Best Practice Implementation, Server Migration, Site Recovery solutions, Backup Solutions, Workshop, and Support Maintenance from simple Full Cloud to the complex Hybrid Infrastructure.




Never wait for servers

or infrastructure again

Instantly provision Windows and Linux Virtual Machines, apps, and infrastructure within Microsoft-managed data centers around the world.





MS Azure 2


Develop amazing apps

Develop great Azure solutions using .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, or Ruby. Integrated Visual Studio tooling enables you to develop, debug and iterate apps fast.




MS Azure 3



Save money and be agile

Per-minute billing and built-in auto scaling enable you to pay only for the infrastructure you really need and spin up/down resources automatically based on actual usage.



MS Azure 4


Use what you already know

Start with the skills you already have and software you already know. Visual Studio, .NET, Window Server, Active Directory, SQL Server, SharePoint, and BizTalk work best with Azure and are all backed with end-to-end Microsoft enterprise support.



MS Azure 5

Integrate on-premises apps

and data

Securely manage cloud resources and enable your users to access apps using their existing corporate credentials with Active Directory.







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