Founded in the Year 2000, at the early turn of the century, PT. Pasifik Cipta Mandiri also known as PCMan®️.​

We provide IT Solutions based on Industry Standard hardware and software with proven Best Practice implementation, to achieve effective yet efficient Solutions for our customers. ​​

PCMan is one of the very few Microsoft Partner with Cloud Productivity Gold Competency in Indonesia, and in the Year 2015 has received recognition as the Microsoft Partner of The Year.​

PCMan is the Certified Moodle Partner, providing comprehensive Learning Technology Services with strong focus in the South East Asian region.​​

Awards & Recognitions

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Consulting and Advisory Services

We are as IT Consultant to advice IT Infrastructure. On premise and on Cloud, Datacenter, Virtualization, Networking, Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Microsoft 365 Security, and Manage service solution.

Learning Management Systems

We build an integrated solution with Office 365, Zoom, HRIS, Student Information System, Payment gateway, and equipped with Online proctor with Artificial Intelligent, we can make online learning, self pace learning, and blended learning in one solution. 

Cloud Service

Cloud computing or commonly known as Clouds is a data storage process that allows users to manage virtually and easily. Interestingly, the user does not need a particular place or platform for this infrastructure because everything is available and has its mechanism.

Hybrid IT Infrastructure

Hybrid IT is a technique used by companies that use in-house services to complement the entire set of IT resources. Simply the hybrid IT model is a process for moving applications and workloads in the cloud and also being able to directly monitor devices on-premise.


In the past few years, some of the most sophisticated cybercrimes ever were perpetrated. Data has become one of our most valuable resources and we need to take protecting it seriously. That means investing in cybersecurity.


Managed Service

For that managed services provide the best solution because it makes companies able to continue optimally and survive during current changes. Utilization of this is the right choice compared to having to start and manage everything as a whole because it requires a lot of money and time.

Our Client

Customer Testimony

  • Moodle sebagai platform pembelajaran di ITS memberikan kemudahan bagi seluruh mahasiswa dan dosen dalam penyelenggaraan pembelajaran. PCMan hadir untuk membantu kami dalam melakukan improvement pada moodle sehingga memiliki banyak fitur dan integrasi untuk meningkatkan kualitas pembelajaran.” 

    Bagus Jati Santoso, Ph.D
    Academic Development – ITS
  • “PCMan sebagai Moodle Developer dan juga Microsoft Partner untuk Microsoft 365 & Azure Cloud, memberikan solusi Best Practice dalam Implementasi e-Learning berbasis LMS Moodle on Azure Cloud yang ter-integrasi dengan Microsoft Teams. PCMan juga telah membantu kami untuk integrasi LMS Moodle dengan Sistem Informasi Akademis kami yang berbasis OPCS (Oracle People Campus Solution), sehingga tercapai otomatisasi dari Enrollment/Unenrollment.”
    Dr. Rijanto Purbojo, S.Psi., M.Sc. 
    Director of Online Education – UPH
  • "PCMan membantu Yayasan Bina Nusantara untuk membangun Aplikasi Corporate Learning berbasis LMS Moodle yang dinamakan “BEElajar” untuk meningkatkan kompetensi seluruh Pengajar dan Staf di Yayasan Bina Nusantara. Solusi Moodle LMS yang terintegrasi dengan SAP HR System, memudahkan kami dalam mengukur kompetensi, serta memastikan learning path seluruh Pengajar dan Staf di Yayasan Bina Nusantara.”

    Harly Toindo
    Binus Corporate Learning & Development Director
  • “Kami merasakan banyak manfaat, karena bisa sharing data dengan sistem otoritas, backup data , sinkronisasi data ke semua device””
    Lilyana Budihardjo
    Direktur Utama PT. Gaia Science Indonesia
  • “Layanan e-mail dari Office 365 telah terbukti andal sebagai perangkat komunikasi digital. Tim IT dapat fokus dalam pengembangan layanan kesehatan lainnya. Saat ini kami telah berhasil menjalankan lebih dari 50 aplikasi pendukung layanan kesehatan, dengan penambahan satu layanan setiap bulan”
    Moeis Sanusi
    Kepala Departemen IT BPJS Kesehatan
  • "Integrasi data dan kolaborasi data jadi lebih efesien, jadi kita gampang cari data yang paling update tuh ada di mana. Kita dikasih training, edukasi, konsultasi, sama technical support”

    Rangga Dharmasetiawan
    IT Manager PT. Jakarta Propertindo
  • “Kami saya terbantu karena kami bisa akses email dimana pun dan kapan juga, tanpa harus bergantung kepada server”
    Vanessa Farrel
    Direktur PT. Yudhanusa Ekspressindo Caraka

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