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PT. Yudhanusa Ekspressindo Caraka

Untuk bisnis transportasi kargo, dibutuhkan komunikasi yang intens kapanpun dan dimanapun. Karena operasional ada di seluruh dunia dan tentu saja waktu yang berbeda menjadi tantangan tersendiri. Office365 membantu mengatasi kebutuhan komunikasi melalui email dan meeting jarak jauh. Simak cerita Ibu Vanessa Farrel mengenai bagaimana Integra Office by PCMan bisa memberi konsultasi memaksimalkan Office365 untuk bisnis.

PT. Gaia Science Indonesia

Sebagai pemimpin perusahaan tentu saja kesibukan membuat Anda membutuhkan sistem kerja yang baik terutama yang berhubungan dengan data. Dari memberikan Otorisasi, Back up data sampai Security dari data tersebut harus bisa di kelola dengan baik.

PT. Jakarta Propertindo

Integrasi data kerja dan kolaborasi memegang peranan penting dalam efisiensi pekerjaan. Microsoft Office 365 dengan kehebatannya akan membantu perusahaan untuk memaksimalkan efisiensi kerja. Untuk memaksimalkan penggunaan Microsoft Office 365, PCMan memperkenalkan INTEGRA OFFICE yang siap membantu perusahaan

NGO-Prestasi Junior

Sinkronisasi Data Antar Kota Menjadi Lebih Maksimal. Dengan adanya Microsoft Office 365 pekerjaan saya menjadi lebih maksimal karena adanya kendala saat mengupload dan mengsinkronisasi data. Dibantu oleh team PCMan dengan Training Product Knowledge Office 365 serta Respon cepat.

Office 365 Dirancang untuk kerja tim

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Dirancang untuk kerja tim

Dirancang untuk kerja tim

Bekerja bersama dengan cara yang diinginkan, saat diinginkan. Buat dan berkolaborasilah dengan orang lain untuk menangani dokumen, dan jaga agar semua orang tetap terorganisir dan selalu mendapat berita terbaru dengan buku catatan bersama. Tetap terhubung dengan aplikasi Office mobile di semua perangkat Windows, Android™, dan Apple®.

Ideal dengan Windows 10

Ideal dengan Windows 10

Office 2016 dan Windows 10—dibuat untuk saling melengkapi. Buat dokumen yang menarik dengan aplikasi Office yang Anda ketahui dan percayai. Cukup dengan sekali masuk, pengaturan dan dokumen akan mengikuti di seluruh perangkat Windows Anda. Tingkatkan produktivitas saat bepergian dengan aplikasi yang dioptimalkan untuk layar sentuh untuk ponsel dan tablet Windows. Pelajari selengkapnya tentang memutakhirkan ke Windows 10.

Sesuai untuk Anda

Sesuai untuk Anda

Tetap fokus pada hal yang terpenting. Gunakan saran cerdas bawaan, temukan informasi yang berguna, dan dapatkan wawasan yang bermanfaat untuk membuat dokumen terbaik, tanpa meninggalkan Office. Kendalikan kotak masuk Anda dan akhiri sakit kepala dengan menemukan dokumen versi terbaru sekali dan untuk selamanya.


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iTunes, iPhone, dan iPad adalah merek dagang terdaftar dari Apple Inc., yang terdaftar di AS dan negara lainnya. Android adalah merek dagang dari Google Inc. office 365 merek dagang microsoft. Source:


Integra Office

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office1_03Boost your staff Productivity, by giving them the tools to work anytime, anywhere from any device, with consistently up to date emails and documents. Keep sensitive data protected without the need for complex security configurations. Now your small or medium business can afford the business solution that was previously only available to large enterprises. Meet the business solution from PCMan: Integra Office, is a managed service for desktop/laptop, powered by Microsoft Office 365, full system support, with flat charges per User.

Designed for company without dedicated IT person/helpdesk, that want to empower their staff with the highly productive technology best offered by Microsoft, but do not want to be dragged down by unexpected/hidden cost of Implementation Fee, operational technical issues, Users Training, and all the hassles of acquiring software, services and even hardware stuff that tend to be unwisely selected and overkill most of the time.

Microsoft Office 365 is the ultimate Modern Productivity best offered by Microsoft that:

Works for you

Stay focused on what you care about. Use built-in intelligent suggestions, find helpful information, and gain useful insights to create your best documents, all without leaving Office. Tame your inbox and end headaches with finding the latest versions of documents once and for all.

Simplify how you work together

Store, sync, and share your files online so they’re always up to date. Plus, you can edit documents with others in real time. Built-in comprehensive tools for Online Meeting with Audio Video Conferencing.

The familiar Office across your devices

Always have the latest versions of your familiar Office applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint), no matter which device you’re using-PC/Mac, tablet, or phone.


Advanced Security & Compliance Option available

Simpilify your IT Security and Compliance with Archive, in-place legal hold, and find the documents you need fast. Advanced data protection helps keep your data safe. Rights Management Services to protect all your confidential documents, more than just the usual Data Loss Prevention.


Enterprise Mobility Suite

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Mobility has overtaken the Enterprise.


With employees demanding to work anytime, anywhere from any device, and a new era of informed, digitally savvy, always-on consumer changing the way businesses engage with their customers, businesses must respond.

Many businesses have 2found themselves in a reactive state, scrambling to pull together a comprehensive mobility strategy across their business and IT leaders.

As information and technology have become more intertwined with the customer experience, we’re seeing more technology spending happening outside of IT, within thelines of business. This often creates shadow IT, and can be risky if consumer grade solutions are being used for business

purposes. IT leaders often find themselves supporting multiple, disparate solutions across their enterprise, increasing costs, risk and complexity.

The State of Enterprise Mobility

Mobility has overtaken the enterprise. For business leaders, embracing enterprise mobility provides opportunity in three key3 areas: Empowering Employees, Business Transformation, and
Delighting Customers.

It’s time for business and IT leaders to come together to build a proactive, strategic and sus- tainable enterprise mobility strategy that will enable them to break through this complexity and transform their business for a mobile-first, cloud-first world.

Microsoft can help. We are the technology partner that provides end-to-end, enterprise grade business mobility solutions that meet the challenges and aspirations of business and IT leaders alike; enabling companies to seize the mobile opportunity, and gain a long-term, sustainable competitive advantage.


Transform Your Business

Gartner suggests the “highest value implementations are among those that radically alter or supplant existing processes, eliminate superfluous
business processes [and] dramatically extend or invent new ‘information infused’ products or services.”
SOURCE: (Gartner, “Predicts 2014: Innovating With Information Will Demand New Data, Organizations and Ideas,” Nov. 29, 2013).


Delight your Customers

Studies show that customers are already more than half way through their purchasing decision process before they engage with you.They seek information about you and your products from an amazing number of available sources: internet searches,your company website, your competitor’s website, their social network (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter), professional communities, and news outlets (WallStreet Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, Reuters).


Buying decisions are often made before you can even engage. Salespeople and companies must react to this with sales productivity solutions that help salespeople become trusted advisors.Untitled-4

Your salesforce needs to be able to cut through the clutter and zero in on what is important. The devices in their hands need to help them win faster and sell more.

Delivering Value


Business Ready Devices:

Choices are Key Windows phones, tablets, and pcs offer your users everything they need for both their lives: the one at work and the one at home.


And they offer you lower TCO and a higher ROI, since users won’t need two devices -they’ll have their secure business apps on the same device they use for family and fun.You’ll be able to offer CYOD scenarios, while still managing BYOD securely. All this at a lower price point. Windows devices offer straightforward business value you can take to the bank.

Source: Forrester Total Economic Impact (TEI) study
Source: Nucleus Research The Real TCO study

Productivity Anywhere


Fifty-three percent of office workers would be willing to work more hours in exchange for working outside the office, while twenty percent of workers said they’d take a pay cut for the same flexibility.

Microsoft productivity solutions, like Office 365, allow users to stay productive wherever and however they are working, while protecting data across devices and the cloud—maintaining compliance with leading worldwide standards.

When combined with secure and manageable business ready Windows devices, IT leaders can rest assured that their corporate data is protected.


A recent article from ZDNET, “Enterprise Mobility in 2014: App-ocalyspe Now” states that “[mobile] apps will drive the next phase in the evolution of enterprise mobility, creating new ways of working, and transforming existing business processes.
Developing modern, mobile applications on the Windows platform means you can build these applications faster and more easily with less development time and cost, faster time to market, reduced user training time, and provide a consistent, secure user experience across both CYOD and BYOD devices.


Real-Time Customer Insights

Microsoft has the business ready devices, app platform and sales productivity tools that together, enable you to connect and delight customers in new mobile ways; improving customer insight, response time and engagement. In the future, real time data from multiple sources and services will power your app intelligence, enabling businesses to synthesize loads of data into meaningful customer insights that radically transform the customer experience.

Integra Device Management

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Integra Device Management delivers Enterprise features that can be used to secure all kinds of devices, all types of applications and all kinds of file types. It provides solutions to companies to control and supervise the user devices, applications and confidential files in one convenient console.

Integra Device Management is not just a “Managed Device” in general. It is a device manage solution with Enterprise Mobility features, which has the benefits :

–    Cloud Identity feature for Access Management.
–    Integrated with On-Premises Active Directory.
–    Mobile Device Management for Device Security.
–    Application Management for Data Security.
–    Encrypt Protection for your File Data.
–    Convert from Capex to Opex.


Access Management & Integrated Identity

Employees are more productive when they have a single username and password to remember and a consistent experience from every device. They also save time when they can perform self-service tasks like resetting a forgotten password, or requesting access to an application, without waiting for assistance from the helpdesk.

Identity and access management solutions help IT protect access to applications and resources across the corporate datacenter and into the cloud, enabling additional levels of validation such as multi-factor authentication and conditional access policies. Monitoring suspicious activity through advanced security reporting,
auditing and alerting helps mitigate potential security issues.

Managed Coporated-Owned Device and Apps from the Cloud

With the increasing volume and diversity of both ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and corporate-owned devices being used in organizations today, a growing challenge for IT departments is keeping corporate information secure. Mobile application management (MAM) and mobile device management (MDM) solutions help minimize this complexity by offering management capabilities both on-premises and in the cloud, all from a single console.

With the proliferation of mobile devices in the workplace, employees can, and do, work from just about anywhere. To stay productive, this mobile workforce demands consistent access to corporate resources and data from any location on any device. Mobile Devices trend has introduced significant challenges for IT administrators who want to enable enterprise mobility while ensuring that corporate resources are protected from unauthorized access.

Help Protect Corporate Data and Enable More Secure Collaboration

Protect corporate data with information security management to allow more secure access to company resources and enable safe sharing of sensitive information inside and outside your organization.

With the proliferation in the number and use of consumer devices, the way corporate resources are
accessed is changing. Users want consistent access to corporate resources from their devices in order to be productive.

The need for more secure collaboration with colleagues inside and outside of organizations is also increasing. This trend brings numerous security challenges for IT administrators who want to enable enterprise mobility and encourage data sharing while ensuring that corporate data is safe.

With Microsoft’s information protection solution, you can deploy and configure access to corporate resources across your on-premises environment and cloud applications while protecting corporate information.